Registration of ISBN Number

If you purchase Registration from us, your ISBN number and book details will be registered in the International Barcodes Database. Registration is optional, however we recommend doing it as it will help your book details be widely available online.

Registration on the International Barcodes Database means that your book details will appear in Google searches if someone does a search for your ISBN number. It also means that your book details will appear if someone scans your ISBN barcode with some cell phone app scanners (e.g. the Zebra app). Please note that it can take Google between several days and several weeks to crawl and index new pages, therefore it may take some time before your book details show up in a Google search of your ISBN number.

  • Registration of ISBN Number

    Registration of your ISBN number (s) and book details on the  International Barcodes Database

    When you get to the checkout page, please enter your ISBN number into the ‘additional information’ section. We will then send you an email with instructions for how to register your ISBN number and book details.

    If you don’t have an ISBN number yet you can obtain one from the Independent Publishing Network (our sister-company), or else from your local ISBN Agency . Once you have your ISBN number, come back to this page to purchase registration.

    Price per Registration
    1 + $ 20.00 USD each
    5+ $ 18.00 USD each
    10+ $ 16.00 USD each
    20+ $ 14.00 USD each
    30+ $ 12.00 USD each
    50+ $ 10.00 USD each
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