Frequently Asked Questions

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We specialise in providing high resolution ISBN barcode images, suitable for use on hard copy or paperback publications.. If you have an ISBN number, you can order the barcode images for it from our website. We also provide ISBN Number Registration.
No you can’t. We can provide ISBN barcode images only (we can’t provide ISBN numbers). If you don’t have an ISBN number yet, you’ll need to purchase one – either from our sister company the Independent Publishing Network (if you live in the UK) or from your local ISBN Agency (there is an ISBN Agency in most countries). Once you have your ISBN number, come back to this website to purchase the barcode images for it (you can purchase the barcode images here).
Yes, our ISBN barcode images are in EAN-13 format and are suitable for use on publications in any country worldwide.
Your ISBN barcode images will be emailed to you straight away after you make payment (if you entered your ISBN number into the checkout form when ordering). Our website will automatically turn your ISBN number into barcode images and email them to you. If you want your ISBN barcode to include the price, then we’ll need to add this to your barcode manually – let us know what the RRP is when you order (in the “additional information” section of the checkout form) and we’ll create your ISBN barcode images with that price and email them through to you as soon as possible – this usually takes us 1 business day.
If you haven’t received your ISBN barcode images by email, please check your junk folder, and then email us. If you are using a Hotmail email address our emails to you might end up in your junk mail folder.
We send the barcode images in 4 different formats – JPEG, EPS, TIFF, BMP and PDF. You can choose which format you want to use (they all work fine).
The ISBN barcode image should be placed on the bottom right corner of the back cover. The image size should be at least 30mm wide x 20mm high (including the white margins on the left and right sides of the barcode, and including the ISBN number below the bars). The ISBN number should also be written on the copyright page within the book.
An ISBN number is a globally unique 13 digit identification number that is assigned to your publication. An ISBN barcode image is the vertical black bars & white spaces (with the ISBN number printed below) that gets scanned at Point of Sale (click here to see same sample ISBN barcode images). If you are selling your book in electronic format online only, then you only need an ISBN number (you don’t need ISBN barcode images). However if your book will be printed in a physical format (paperback or hardback) then we recommend that you purchase ISBN Barcode Images. If your book is for sale in retail stores, then it will need to have a scannable barcode image so that the checkout staff can quickly scan the barcode into their POS system when your book is being sold.