Refund Policy

We provide high quality ISBN barcode images for a one-off cost that can be used in all retail stores internationally. We will only consider making a refund in rare situations.

We may consider making a refund in the following situation:

  • If you don’t receive your order within a reasonable time frame. Please note that most orders are processed within 1-2 working days (except for over the Christmas period when our office is closed for 2 weeks). Sometimes our emails end up in our customer’s junk mail folders – therefore please check your junk mail folder, and make sure that the email address you gave us at the time of the order was correct (you should receive an order confirmation order within a few minutes of placing an order on our website – if you don’t receive an order confirmation email you may have typed your email address incorrectly).

We will not consider making a refund in the following situation:

  • We have emailed your order to you within a reasonable time frame, however for some reason at your end you did not receive it (this could be due to your spam settings being set too high, an incorrect email address being provided, or our email being assigned to your junk mail). In these situations we’ll resend your order email to you. If you still don’t receive it we may try a different way of sending your order to you, e.g. by sending you a Dropbox link.