The ISBN Barcodes Guarantee


We Guarantee That:

  1. All ISBN barcode images we provide are high resolution and suitable for use on the cover of your paperback or hardback book.
  2. We will provide your ISBN barcode images in several different image formats including PDF, JPEG and EPS.
  3. We will process your order quickly. Please note that most ISBN barcode images are generated immediately via our website, and clients receive an email within a few minutes that contains their ISBN barcode images. Some orders have to be processed manually (e.g. if you have requested a price code be encoded into your barcode) – for manual orders please allow 2 working days (except over the 2 week Christmas period when our office is closed).
  4. Any information given to you by our website or staff is true to the extent of our knowledge at the time. We want to help you, and will do our best to do so. However in the event that we can’t help, we will try to direct you to another company that can.
  5. We do not issue refunds if you are unhappy with your order. We may consider a refund if there are special circumstances.